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GraphQL APIs

Get the exact data you need in easy to integrate formats

Complex made easy

Query across multiple projects, wallets, and blockchains

Collaboration built in

Browse, remix, or fork from a public marketplace of queries and APIs

Built for builders

Access every on-chain transaction since genesis block along with dapp-specific events and NFT marketplace data

Simultaneously query and combine on-chain and off-chain data

Powerful features such as resized NFT media, date snapshots, comparators, Farcaster, POAPs, primary ENS, and more

Leverage the power of GraphQL, more advanced than Rest APIs: Get at just the data you require in single-complex-queries

Integrate into any web2/3 app without any additional infrastructure

Webhooks for streaming updates

Create data-awareness and interoperability across protocols, apps, assets, and experiences

Open source schemas and APIs for adding additional data, dapps, and protocols into Airstack

Get started today with Ethereum, Polygon, Gnosis (POAPs). More blockchains coming soon

Can your web3 API provider do this?

Can your web3 API provider do this?

Can your web3 API provider do this?

Airstack APIs power the future of data-awareness and interoperability


Easily integrate data about your users, their on-chain activities, collectables, history and experience across other apps and chains


Provide user-specific customization based on their on-chain behaviors and preferences


Foster communities by enabling people to connect with others who share the same passions, are members of certain communities, attended certain events, interacted with certain media


Enable users, assets and data to transmit seamlessly between apps and chains


With Airstack you can enable your users and your team to easily access relevant data from your app/protocol and across the web3 ecosystem


Airstack makes it easy to know when your users take certain actions, and whether your marketing is working

Focus on your own app

We’ll deliver the web3 ecosystem integrations you need

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Jam by Airstack

Jam is the leading app for the Farcaster web3 social protocol, powered by Airstack.

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Developer notes

How can I get access to try Airstack APIs?

We are now in a private developer beta. Please fill out this form to let us know about your use case. This helps us prioritize your data/API needs. We promise to get in touch with you straightaway.

Where does Airstack get its data?

Airstack is a pioneer in utilizing substreams technology to index on-chain transactions faster than RPC-based solutions. Substreams are used for real-time indexing of on-chain events and for high volume blockchains such as Polygon. We also deploy subgraphs with custom schemas for indexing historical events and sales data from specific dapps, marketplaces and protocols.

Airstack schemas for substreams and subgraphs define how events and transactions are indexed, aggregated, and consumed across projects in standard formats, enabling seamless querying of like data across projects and chains.

We augment on-chain data with off-chain metadata from IPFS, dapps and marketplaces (for example NFT images and descriptions). Wherever possible we default to on-chain data.

Data is stored in the Airstack backend and optimized with parallel processing for fast GraphQL querying.

How can a project add data to Airstack?

We're glad you asked! Devs can add data to Airstack by writing Substreams or Subgraphs following our schemas and then submitting it to our team. (We plan to make this permissionless in the future). For more information please check out our Github or contact us at

Where can I learn more about Jam?

Jam is a showcase for Airstack technology. Learn more

We are hiring

Senior Subgraph Developer (anywhere)
We are looking for an experienced and highly motivated Senior Subgraph Developer who wants to lead Subgraph Development projects for Airstack. In this role you will be responsible for developing Subgraphs to the Airstack ...
Senior DevOps Engineer (The Americas)
We are looking for a passionate senior DevOps engineer to join the Airstack core team. Airstack is a data network that makes blockchain activity easily discoverable, browsable, and consumable ...
Back End Developer (India)
This position requires a strong engineer to build out backend systems and API infrastructure for high performance scalable systemsParticipate in all phases of software development life cycle including development ...

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